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For Children + Youth

Gracefield is THE place to be for children and youth! We offer camps for first-time overnight campers, adventurous wilderness-lovers, teens who like to sleep in and stay up late, and leadership programs for older youth looking to “give something back” to their community.


Skills + Certifications

Many of our Summer Camp programs include specific skill development and certifications. Here’s some information about OLS and ORCKA.

The goal of the OLS program is simply to promote an understanding of the natural environment and the value of minimum-impact camping. The OLS program also teaches the skills necessary to enjoy camping and the outdoors. There are five levels (I-V) that campers will progress through from year to year.

The Ontario Recreational Canoe and Kayaking Association has 4 levels (A-D) to introduce the novice or relatively inexperienced canoeist to paddling. The emphasis is on mastering the fundamentals of canoeing along with a strong grounding in water safety and safe canoeing practices. Campers will progress through the levels from year to year, equipping them with the skills and experience for our out trips.

What is a Christian Camp?

Christian camp welcomes all and treats everyone all as a precious, unique and loved child of God. A Christian Camp desires that God’s presence permeate everything that takes place. Campers explore the wonder and beauty of nature and in doing so, they begin to understand the character of God the creator.  We learn that we cannot earn God’s love but it is offered to each of us as an undeserved gift of grace.

Christian camp counselors desire to model the fruits of God’s spirit (love, joy, peace patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control). Every day offers opportunities to put faith into action. Campers learn through doing, hearing, exploring and reflecting. Through the stories of biblical characters re-told and re-enacted, we recognize age long human struggles and see God ‘s desire to intervene and transform everyday situations.