June 15, 2020


Dear Friends,

As you know, the Quebec government allowed campgrounds to open on June 1st.   We were all very excited about the news and expected that we would be able to open soon.

However, Gracefield Christian Camp and Retreat Centre is not just a campground, it is actually classified as a “Centres de Vacances” by Quebec authorities.  Sounds very grand, doesn’t it?  I think all of you would agree that Gracefield is grand and a very special place.  Unfortunately, in this case, it also means we are not permitted to open as of yet.

The Quebec Government has various designations for tourist establishments.  While Quebec has authorized Campgrounds to open, Centres de Vacances have not yet received permission to operate.  Centres de Vacances are establishments that offer programming of some sort among other things.  As we provide Christian programming, we are not strictly a campground and as such, we are not permitted to open as of yet.

We do continue to work on maintenance to have the camp ready as soon as we are given the go ahead to open.  If you are seeking to come on site to volunteer, you must make prior arrangements with the Managing Director, Mark Hamilton.  As we are not permitted to open, we cannot have people attend the camp without prior permission.  We risk a substantial fine if we do not abide the Quebec COVID-19 regulations.

If you are given permission to attend camp prior to our official opening, you must check in at the Front Office.   Again, we must abide by the Quebec regulations or we risk being shut down completely.

When we open, we must maintain certain cleanliness standards.  If we are unable to maintain these standards we will not be able to open.  We are also still in need of housekeepers and front office staff.  If you know of anyone looking to work or volunteer at Gracefield in these roles, please have them contact Mark Hamilton.

We will keep you informed of our progress and advise you of the opening date as soon as possible.  In the meantime, we ask for your patience, support and prayers during this difficult time.

With thoughts and prayers,

Gracefield Board of Directors, Executive Committee


Paula Whaley

Dan Plant

Debora Scholey

Jim Paulin