In Gratitude…

At Gracefield Christian Camp and Retreat Centre (GCCRC) we are so grateful for every donation.  We have undertaken some specific fundraising initiatives and wish to thank each donor for their generosity towards these goals.

In 2016, a campaign to fund an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) was born. The Support a Life-Saving Opportunity campaign had a goal of $2,500 to cover the cost of the AED and any additional funds raised would be used for some much-needed program equipment that would enhance the use of the lake during summer camp.  The campaign raised $2,081.75 which allowed for the purchase of the AED that has been installed in the lobby of White Pine.

Thank you to generous donors: Wanda Lanoue | Christina Robinson | Jeff & Kathy Milburn | Helen & Yves Meubus | Dianne Nickerson | Joanne Lauzon | Edith Fraser | Mary & Brian Rosebrough | Betty Jean Bone | Alex Hay | Bridget Thompson | Ian Johnston | James & Elspeth Paulin | Wendie McCaffrey | Debbie Chadsey | Jean Francois Pepin | Gary & Gezina Pluim | Alan Herbert | Barbra Draper | Debbie Gauthier | Elva Patterson Rutters | Sharon Henthorn | Alan & Manon Campbell | Joan Born Flett | Joan Coulter | Nancy Brown | Marianne Rasmus | Vivian Keef Boddis | Bonnie Paul | Chevaliers Colomb du Conseil

Our first project was in 2015, called Making Camp Happen—a crowdfunding campaign for the GCCRC Campership Fund. Our goal was to raise $6,000 which would allow up to ten children or youth the possibility of attending a 2016 summer camp at GCCRC. The total amount raised was $4,310 which provided more than seven campers with the opportunity to experience the loving presence of the living God at GCCRC.

Thank you to generous donors: Patricia Brush | Daniel Giroux | Joanne Lauzon | Julie Madden | Elizabeth Campbell | Jennifer Buie | Carol Ann & Dave Joiner | Joan Coulter | Alan & Manon Campbell, and family | Mrs. Kathryn Brereton | Knox Ottawa, Sunday School fundraiser

There are many faithful supporters who donate on a monthly or annual basis to help in the day-to-day operations of the GCCRC and to further the mission which is to invite all people to experience the loving presence of the living God, in creation, in Christ and in Christian community. Donations of any size are always welcomed and as we continue to further the ministry of GCCRC together, thank you. Keep GCCRC in your prayers as there is much work to be done and with the grace of God, the people that come and experience God will be many.