Guest Book

Over the 50+ years of welcoming guests to Gracefield, we have collected some pretty wonderful testimonials. Here are a few from the past year.

“We felt like welcomed guests in your home.”
“One of the best dinner conversations ever!”
“The admin and staff at Gracefield went above and beyond their duties to make our stay enjoyable. Generosity in every way. Welcoming and helpful for our retreat. ”

“This is a wee piece of heaven.”
“Although a camp, I did not feel I was roughing it.”
“Superb Christian retreat facility. Fantastic Staff.”
“Perfect balance of nature, spirituality and modern facilities. We’ll be back.”
“The Barracks—It is like stepping into medieval times.”

“The out trip was awesome. We learned different survival skills.”
“We built our own fishing rods. We caught cray fish.”
“The cooking! I loved cooking our own food.”

“The best camp ever!!!!”
“Food—the best dinners and desserts!”
“I wish we were able to do it all.”
“Talent show and seeing all the groups all around the camp doing music, art, dance, improv.”
“I wouldn’t change a thing, everything was perfect. I had a blast.”
“The talent show I love, love, loved.”
“Talent show, music, drama, beach, everything was perfect.”
“Mom, can Gracefield be my tradition, just like it was yours when you were a kid?”