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The ministries at Gracefield Christian Camp and Retreat Centre depend on a variety of fundraising efforts and generous donors. Please also consider donating to the Campership Fund which helps fund children and young adults who would not otherwise be able to enjoy time at camp.

Please consider the following methods of donating. In all cases a tax receipt will be issued.:

  • Cheque: You may write a cheque to “Gracefield Christian Camp and Retreat Centre” and mail it to the Camp Office.
  • Credit Card: You can call the camp and we can take your credit card donation over the phone. Call the Camp Office at (819) 463-2465.
  • Online: You can donate online through PayPal (no account needed, and Gracefield receives 100% of your donation!), or through Canada Helps with your credit card (please note, this service keeps a portion of your donation as their fee).
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Gracefield Christian Camp and Retreat Centre operates largely on the contributions and efforts by volunteers and donors… Like You! To support our growth and continued programming, please consider donating required supplies, time or monetary gifts. We thank you, in advance, for your consideration and donations.
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Our Wish List2nd Beach Outhouse

as of November 1, 2014
We invite you to have a look through the following lists, as many items are things you or a friend may have around your home, or perhaps you know of a supplier who might be able to offer up some materials at low- to no-cost. Before bringing supplies to camp, please call our office at (819) 463-2465 to confirm the need and suitability. We are always grateful for being considered for donations of any kind.

With a slim trim budget we rely on the blessing of volunteers. We do need to pre-approve volunteers to ensure we have projects appropriate to the gifts and abilities you have to offer. To ensure clarity of expectation, we like to note that the general rule of thumb is: volunteer for ½ day and GCCRC will take care of your meals or accommodation for the days you volunteer. If you volunteer for a full day GCCRC will provide meals and available accommodation. Please contact our office for full policy details.

  • cleaning
  • painting: interior and exterior
  • carpenters
  • mason
  • cutting deadfall for fire wood
  • splitting firewood
  • cutting at risk trees (experienced)
  • roofers
Please ensure the Maintenance & Property Committee pre-approve donations before brought to the site. In an effort to be good stewards of our time and your gifts we want to ensure materials donated are suitable and fit the master plan. We are always grateful for being considered first!

  • white kitchen aprons
  • kitchen tea towels and dish cloths
  • low flush toilets for White Pine, to provide relief to septic system. Re-purpose toilets to other buildings. Toto Drake II, $375 each
  • single bed mattresses
  • cabin mattress, vinyl-covered
  • good working push gas lawnmower
  • Canadian Tire $
  • vanity taps: Crane with lever handles so are all the same for servicing Qty 10, $50 each
  • quality white fitted single sheets. White only, please. Available for $7 each from Hospital Supply Service.
  • 2 tires 215r 70 15 , for Windstar
  • 4 snow tires 215/65R16, for Freestar
  • 25” x 72″ post formed counter top for White Pine handicap washroom, neutral colour
  • commercial mop bucket and wringer
  • two-way radios
  • bundle pine lumber from local mill for site repairs and projects
  • commercial door closers for exterior doors x 5 for 36” steel doors. $80 each
  • light duty commercial door closer for 32” exterior washroom doors
  • a lock smith that could supply room and building locksets with master key.
  • quality fabric of same colour for curtains and upholstery to use throughout camp. Must be pre-approved.
  • pedestal sink taps with 8″ centre for Beaver Lodge bridal suite.
  • window screen material and white frame material for making screens
  • professional signage for swimming areas
  • 14″ x 12′ culvert for to Manager’s cottage
  • steel entrance mats for White Pine entrance, 2 units 2’x3’ or 2’x4’
  • kitchen flooring: 680 sq ft plus baseboard.
  • White Pine Sponsor-A-Room: $3,500 per room to cover flooring, heater, paint, tile and furnishings.
  • a large quantity of floor tile that would be suitable for bath floors, bath handicap shower, Beaver Lodge kitchen
  • White Pine washroom restoration. $3,000 each
  • Community washroom flooring. $4,200, for repairs and tile
  • White Pine upstairs commercial carpet tile $3,500
  • men’s washroom at East Block, commercial vinyl floor $500
  • Manager’s Cottage update $2,000
  • Sponsor-A-Cabin: $4,000 for new doors, screens, outdoor light fixture, roof and exterior paint refresh as required
  • fireplace insert and chimney liner for Beaver Lodge, or wood stove
  • gravel for huge puddle areas in parking lot and pot holes. $310/ truck load. Need about 8 loads.
  • Jolly Roger (JR) roof: $15,000
  • Beaver Lodge roof: $15,000
  • new washroom/laundry facility for Tent and Trailer community: $150,000
  • Beaver Lodge restoration: $100,000