Time and Talent to Spare?

Are you interested in spending a day, week or month volunteering at camp? We welcome volunteers during any season! Please contact info@gracefieldcamp.ca to discuss your availability and this season’s requirements. Volunteers are provided with meals and accommodations.*

Work Weekends

Our camp hosts 4 work weekends throughout the year, inviting volunteers to come and help us with various tasks. These work weekends are an important part of our camp’s operations, as they allow us to prepare the camp for the upcoming season and make any necessary repairs or improvements.

Two of the work weekends take place in the spring, typically in April. During these weekends, we focus on getting the camp ready for the summer season. This can include tasks such as cleaning and organizing cabins, repairing any damage from the winter, and preparing the campground for the influx of campers.

The other two work weekends are held in the fall, typically in October. During these weekends, we focus on closing the camp for the winter season. This can include tasks such as winterizing the facilities, storing equipment, and making any necessary repairs before the cold weather sets in.

Overall, our work weekends are a great opportunity for volunteers to help out and make a difference at our camp. It’s a fun and rewarding way to give back, and we always appreciate the help and support of our volunteers.